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Troop 530
Tualatin, Oregon
Troop 530 Campfire Patch



Troop 530 was formally chartered with the Boy Scouts of America, Portland Area Council, in June 1952 by the Tualatin Parent Teacher Association. It was the first Troop to serve this community. The original charter shows seven adults and five youth; one adult and eleven youth were added the later that year. The meeting place was Tualatin Grange School on Boones Ferry Road.

In 1952, the population of Tualatin was only about 200. The city itself consisted of a few stores and businesses serving the surrounding farms. The small population was spread out across the area. Today, 25,000 people make Tualatin their home, and several Boy Scout Troops and Cub Scout Packs serve the community. Troop 530 has met in most of the school facilities in the community including Byrom, Hazelbrook, and now Bridgeport.

Charter Organization

The charter organization is key to any Scouting unit. All Scouting units are owned and operated by charter organizations. The organization may be a church, school, business, service club, or civic organization. Troop 530 has benefited from the strong support of several charter organizations over the years. The first was the Tualatin Parent Teachers Association from 1952-57. Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3452 sponsored the troop from 1958-1979, and the troop met for some years at the VFW Hall. Since 1980, the troop has been sponsored by the Tualatin Lions Club.

Troop Program

Troop 530 has focused its scouting program over the years on the basic elements of camping, service, leadership, and advancement. The Troop has an active camping program including monthly outings and an annual, week long, residence, summer camp. The troop makes use of all the Council summer camp facilities and some facilities of other councils. These included St Helens in the early years, and now include Camp Baldwin, Meriwether, Cooper, and Pioneer, as well as Camp Baker. The troop also has a long history of extended backTrooping, canoeing, and cycling trips to provide additional challenges for Scouts. From 1967-71, the troop completed the entire Pacific Crest Trail within Oregon. Other 50 mile backTroop trips were completed in the Wallowas. Olympic National Park, Sisters Wilderness, and the Oregon Coast. Several extended float trips on the Willamette River have been made.

Troop 530 Scouts are regular participants in community service projects. The troop helped plant trees in the Woodrose Nature Park after diseased mature trees were removed. The troop helped the community clean up after the 1996 flood. A variety of Troop 530 Eagle Scout service projects have benefited the community over the years.

The troop focuses on development of youth leadership to carry out the troop program. Key in this effort is the Senior Patrol Leader, who leads the weekly troop meetings, the monthly outings, and the Patrol Leaders Council, with the advice and support of the Scoutmaster/Asst. Scoutmasters.

Eagle Scouts
1967 Don Silvey
1972 Paul Brosy
1972 Martin Brown
1972 John Howard
1973 George Howard
1974 Randy Scott
1982 Dale Furrow
1983 Alan Larsen
1984 Terry Smith
1984 David Johnson
1984 Mark Holtzen
1984 Andy Hempeck
1985 John Campbell
1986 Bill Woody
1988 Craig Siebold
1989 Doug Luccio
1990 Jim Warner
1991 Paul Luccio
1991 Andy McClure
1993 Bryan Danner
1995 Garrett Kimball
1995 Gary Crockett
1996 Barry Schneider
1998 Joe Thaler
1999 Tom Chipman
1999 Cory Portnuff
1999 Taylor Hallvik
2000 Greg Lewis
2000 Kyle Leleand
2001 George LeDoux
2001 Mike Knippers
2001 David Thaler
2001 Matt Kroen
2002 Colin Leland
2003 Justin Meyer
2003 James Stevens
2003 Zach Hudgik
2005 Ryan Parlee
2005 Kenneth Steiner
2006 Mitchell Thaler
2006 Alex Lewis
2006 Alex Banse-Fay
2007 Eddie Masterson
2007 Gilbert Bailey
2007 Drew Baker
2007 Tony Wong
2010 Nick Dannemiller
1952-54 Reide Lockman
1955-56 Ralph Black
1957 Maurice Ferris
1958-59 Steve Nacheff
1960-61 Hugh Tattersal
1962 Jack Brosy
1963 Leonard Willcut/Cliff Ehlers
1964-67 Cliff Ehlers
1968 Norm Christensen
1969 Ken Smith
1970 Cliff Ehlers
1971-73 Jack Howard
1974-75 Chick Hamilton
1976-77 Victor Locke
1978-79 Joe Sestak
1980-81 Dave Johnson
1982 Terry Willows/Darris Siebold
1983-85 Darris Siebold*
1986-87 Dave Nikula
1988-90 Tom Kroen
1991 Rod Crockett
1992-94 Donna Danner
1995-97 Dave Leland
1998-99 Tom Kroen
2000-2002 Tony Meyer
2003-2004 Lou Thaler
2005-2006 Glenn Bailey
2006-present Norm Dannemiller
Senior Patrol Leaders
---- Jim Edwards
---- Marty Brown
---- Steve Von Hegen
---- Marc Harvey
---- Paul Newman
---- Bill Fewless
---- Dale Furrow
---- Randy Scott
---- Joe Schaefer
---- Kevin Christiansen
1981 Mike Tycer
1982 David Johnson
1982 David Simmons
1983 Tim Larkin
1983 Andy Hempeck
1984 Bill Woody
1984 Monte Harrell
1985 Craig Seibold
1985 John Campbell
1986 Doug Luccio
1986 Matt Crall
1987 Matt Crall
1987 John Geniuch
1988 John Geniuch
1988 Andy McClure
1989 Mike Cartmell
1990 Mike Cartmell
1990 Bryan Danner
1991 Tim Crall
1992 Gary Crockett
1993 Matt Talarczyk
1994 Barry Schnieder
1995 Barry Schnieder
1996 Kyle Leland
1997 Kyle Leland
1998 Taylor Hallvik
1998 Cory Portnuff
1999 Greg Lewis
1999 Mike Knippers
2000 Mike Knippers
2000 David Thaler
2001 Zach Hudgik
2001 Matt Kroen
2002 Colin Leland
2002 Andrew Plambeck
2003 Ryan Parlee
2003 Mitch Thaler
2004 Mitch Thaler
2004 Ed Masterson
2004 Alex Banse-Fay
2006 Alex Lewis
2006 Gil Bailey
2007 Drew Baker
2007 Tony Wong
2007 Dan Steiner
2008 Matthew Banse-Fay
2009 Nick Dannemiller
2010 Dylan Shelton
2010-present Eric Schucht
Troop Committee Chairs
1952-54 James King
1955L. Van Hining
1956 Maurice Evans
1957 Doug McRobbin
1958-59 Elvin Foster
1960-61 George Cook
1962 Ken Wlrod
1963 Jack Brosy
1964 John Phelps
1965-67 Jack Howard
1967-70 Hans Gerd Von Hagen
1971-74 Norman Scott
1975-78 Henry Christensen
1979-81 Thomas Larkin
1982-83 William Hempeck
1984 Terry Willows
1985-86 Rick Crall
1987 E.M. Susan
1988 Susan Ungern
1989-91 Donna Danner
1992 Charles Cloyd
1993-94 Mike Strecher
1995-97 Steve Hudgik
1998-00 Lou Thaler
2000-02 John Lewis
2003-04 Reed Elwyn
2004-08 Larry Steiner
2009-present Larry Schucht